Hi there and welcome to my personal travelling blog! My name is Amba Chad and I am 23 years old world traveler!

Here is a little information about me:
I have been travelling around the world since the day I turned 18. I left college and went on the road. In last 5 years I have been in all continents besides Antarctica and more than 60 countries. long before my 18th birthday I wanted to do something different. I did not see my self in a fancy suit stuck in a cubicle and working for people I didn’t care about. That kind of life was not for Amba Chad. Living in isolated town back in North Carolina was getting boring and the pressure from the family for me to go to University grew drastically. I did not have many savings or rich parents to sponsor my travelling. Instead I worked on the road, played guitar on the streets and ¬†did some random jobs in many places e.g. bar-tending, teaching English and Spanish and giving guitar lessons.

In my travels I’ve been very fortunate and made many great friends all over the world. In my blog I will speak about the places I visited, the people I met, emotions I had and give you some travelling advice that I discovered on my way. I am sure this will be a good read for traveler at any level. Whether you’re a novice or “on the road”¬†rookie, you will find some great material here and quality jokes!